The leading software solution for university entrepreneurship programs.
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Leading Platform For Growing Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

StartupTree is the #1 platform for university entrepreneurship and the only proven all-in-one solution for your needs. Launch your Entrepreneur Relationship Management™ Platform today.

See why top ranked entrepreneurship programs and Centers are Switching to StartupTree's cloud-based software to run and grow the right way.

#1 Solution Trusted By Top Institutions

StartupTree is the leading platform for university entrepreneurship with more universities and colleges switching over from alternatives, every week. We serve the greatest number of schools and ecosystem builders, directors, program managers, student founders, and alumni mentors.

Committed To Your Long Term Success

If you’re looking for more than a platform and would like to build a lasting-relationship, you’ve found the right partner. We will be the last solution you have to spend time switching to. Ask our partners who have painstakingly tried up dozens of different platforms before StartupTree.

Helping You Make A Lasting Impact

Launch your own StartupTree Entrepreneur Relationship Management™ (ERM) solution to break down silos, increase collaboration and continuity around entrepreneurship. With StartupTree, it’s finally possible to grow your community for long-lasting impact.

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The #1 Platform For University Entrepreneurship

The only proven solution to effectively allow your entrepreneurship initiatives to scale. StartupTree provides the easiest way to facilitate and gather metrics for entrepreneurship intiatives.

Say goodbye to static spreadsheets and pressing the reset button at the end of every year. Join leaders who are thinking long-term and investing in a sustainable and scalable solution, created just for you.

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Shouldn’t your software provider have direct experience being in your shoes? StartupTree is the only team in our space with over 10+ years experience in university entrepreneurship. 

Out of the growing list of platforms out there, StartupTree is one that actually works.


Fastest growing network and ecosystem solution with over 133,000 users

Built by a dedicated team of directors, program managers, and ecosystem builders (like you) from top universities, with a world class engineering team.

Built for your specific needs from Day One.



Thousands of people join StartupTree every month to better manage their programs or gain access to greater resources.


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Universities, Incubators, Accelerators, Chambers of Commerce, VC Portfolios can get plugged into to our growing network.



Our teams combined experience working in university entrepreneurship—launching, managing, and scaling programs.


Ready to stop pressing the reset button every year?

StartupTree is the industry leader and growing rapidly. And we are just getting started.

Join our movement to create a long-lasting and sustainable impact.